- Bowl ... Poke ...

-What is it?? The first time I've heard…

- Now I'll tell you))) The popular gastronomic trend of proper nutrition has reached our city!

Today the Bowls, and earlier the "Buddha Bowl" - was originally the choice of Vegans and of course it came down to our famous bloggers - they developed this theme, as it is beautiful, healthy and tasty!

What is a Bowl? A bowl is a plate or deep bowl. Of these, we most often eat only soup and porridge. Legend has it that Buddha, after a meditation session, walked down the street with a small earthen bowl in which the townspeople put food. Everyone served what they could — plain cereals, herbs, legumes, vegetables. As a result, the bowl turned out to be a prefabricated full-fledged dish rich in fiber and various microelements. As you might have guessed, everything came from the East. Move on…

Then some Japanese immigrated to Hawaii and started to implement various ideas from local products. This is how a balanced lunch and dinner called Poke was born. Poke is a constructor in which all the "parts" can be connected in any order and in any quantity to your liking. Convenient? Very much, agree!

The Poke trend was first picked up by the Americans, and this is logical, since Hawaii is part of the United States. And then the whole of Europe went crazy over this dish. Now you can also order in Ikura  your own bowl and poke game developed by our chef of your choice.

Enjoy your meal! Love Ikura!


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